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Triumph Over The Man September 30, 2008

Posted by Chuck Musciano in Random Musings.
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They are back! The great corporate giant has yielded to my demands, and S.O.S Pads are once again available at my local grocery store!

Regular readers know that S.O.S Pads were discontinued recently in my area. I was astounded by this decision, and even more perturbed by the cavalier  nonchalance with which the store manager informed me of this decision. Other shoppers clearly felt the same way and, after my posting, shared similar concerns. My Mom even sent me a box of S.O.S Pads, which was a welcome but unexpected side effect of the post.

After a flurry of activity that included glaring at the store manager and filling out the online customer comment form, the pads suddenly reappeared in their rightful spot on the kitchen cleaner aisle. Other shoppers played it cool, showing little emotion as they became aware of the pads’ triumphant return. But I knew they were appreciative, and that my hard work had paid off to the benefit of the entire community. The will of the Man has been bent, and we are all the better for it.


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